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Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection | Glutathione Benefits


Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection | Glutathione Benefits

Many patients come to me and ask me, hey doc can I get fair skin? Is there any way to lighten my skin tone? Here I explain Glutathione. What is Glutathione exactly? How was Glutathione discovered? Does Glutathione really work? Is Glutathione Safe? Does it make your skin color fairer?

How is the color of our skin decided?

Dr. Deepam Shah, dermatologist, cosmetologist, and hair transplant surgeon explains how Glutathione works to Lighten Skin, what glutathione benefits for the skin, etc. Indian and Asian people are very obsessed with having fair skin. Though it is a fad that the cosmetic industry has irrationally propagated, the desire to become fairer is very much present in the people. These days a lot is being said about the potential of glutathione to help lighten your skin shade. This video will help clear your doubts about that.

The color of our skin depends on melanin, which lends color to our skin. This melanin is produced in cells called melanocytes. When these melanocytes start producing more melanin, then your skin starts getting darker and when the melanin production starts reducing, your skin tone starts lightening.

Glutathione has anti-melanogenic properties. This inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase. This in turn reduces melanin production. This decreases the darker eumelanin and increases the lighter pheomelanin, leading to a lighter and fairer skin tone. That’s why glutathione is very effective in skin lightening.

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