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Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin Whitening

Achieving a whiter and more radiant complexion is a common goal for many individuals. Advanced skin whitening treatments are designed to reduce melanin pigment in the skin, resulting in a whiter, more luminous appearance. Combining various advanced techniques, these treatments offer a comprehensive approach to skin whitening that targets both superficial and deeper layers of the skin.

Skin whitening

What is skin whitening treatment?

Skin whitening treatments aim to achieve a whiter complexion by reducing the melanin pigment in the skin. These treatments use a combination of techniques such as chemical peels, laser therapy, and topical applications to lighten skin tone. The goal is to achieve a brighter, more even complexion by targeting hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and other skin imperfections. When Glutathione is included in the treatment, it transforms into a comprehensive skin whitening therapy. Glutathione’s powerful antioxidant properties enhance the whitening effects by significantly reducing melanin production. This combination leads to a whiter, brighter, and more luminous complexion.

What is Viva skin whitening therapy?

Viva Skin Lightening Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment designed to reduce melanin pigment in the skin, leading to a lighter complexion. It combines two effective methods: exfoliation and advanced laser technology.

Dual-Action Approach for Optimal Results

The therapy uniquely targets both key layers of the skin:

  • Viva Exfoliation: This focuses on the epidermis (outer layer), removing dead skin cells and promoting a healthy glow.
  • Hollywood Laser: This targets the dermis (inner layer), reducing deeper pigmentation issues like acne scars and age spots.

This combination ensures comprehensive treatment of skin pigmentation for optimal lightening and brightening results.

For what issues is skin whitening treatment commonly used?

Melasma: These treatments can lighten dark, discolored patches by reducing melanin production.
Hyperpigmentation: Skin whitening procedures can lighten areas with excessive pigmentation through various mechanisms.

Dark Skin: While marketed for skin lightening, altering natural skin tone remains controversial and medically debatable.

Tanned Skin: Treatments can help lighten tanned skin by decreasing melanin, though their effectiveness as a tan treatment is limited.

Jet Lag: Some treatments might reduce oxidative stress from disrupted sleep during travel, though evidence is limited.

Post-Trekking or Post-Trip Tiredness: Antioxidant-rich treatments could aid in quicker recovery from physical stress and fatigue.

What are the types of skin whitening treatments?

Chemical Peels: Use acids to exfoliate the skin and lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Laser Therapy: Targets deeper layers of the skin to reduce melanin production and lighten the complexion.

Topical Applications: Creams and serums containing ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid, and vitamin C to lighten skin.

Microdermabrasion: Exfoliates the outer layer of the skin to improve texture and lighten pigmentation.

Oral Supplements: Pills containing skin-whitening agents like glutathione for internal support.

Intravenous Treatments: IV drips with skin-lightening agents for more direct and potent effects.

What are the steps involved in a skin whitening treatment procedure?

Before the Treatment:

  • Ensure your skin is adequately hydrated.
  • Have a nutritious meal to prevent undergoing the treatment on an empty stomach.
  • Refrain from taking antihistamines for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

During the Treatment:

  • Depending on the treatment, various techniques are used such as applying chemical peels, laser sessions, or IV infusions.
  • Each treatment session may vary in duration, typically ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.

After the Treatment:

  • Attend all recommended follow-up sessions with the medical professional.
  • To alleviate any swelling, apply ice to the treated area.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat exposure immediately post-treatment.
  • Utilize broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.
  • Maintain hydration and include Vitamin C-rich fruits in your diet.

What are the benefits of Viva skin whitening therapy?

The benefits of Viva Skin Lightening Therapy are significant:

Intense Hydration and Reduced Acne: The treatment deeply hydrates the skin while minimizing acne, resulting in smooth, clear skin.

Lightened Pigmentation and Scar-Free Complexion: Achieves significant reduction in pigmentation and helps attain a scar-free complexion.

Healthy-Looking Glow: Post-treatment, the skin appears more vibrant and healthy, often described as having a rejuvenated glow.

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