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Vitiligo Treatment in South Mumbai

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo, also known as Leucoderma or White Patches illness/White Spots disease, is a common depigmentation condition that causes depigmentation of the body’s skin, resulting in white patches or white spots. It affects roughly 1% of the world’s population. These depigmentation patches or white spots caused by vitiligo have a very striking and disfiguring effect on the dark skin of the body and face, creating severe psychological issues.

Though the actual cause of Vitiligo or white patches illness/white spots disease affecting the body and face is unknown.

Types of Vitiligo

  • Generalized- most common type, when macules appear in various places on the body.
  • Segmental- restricted to one side of the body or one area, such as the hands or face.
  • Mucosal- affects mucous membranes of the mouth and/or the genitals.

Vitiligo Treatment or White Patches Treatment focuses on enhancing the appearance of your skin by restoring its colour. The face and trunk are the most successful sites for re-pigmentation; hands, feet, and places with white hair respond poorly. New patches are more likely to respond to medical care than long-standing patches.

Medical Procedures and Therapies

  • Topical medicine
  • Corticosteroid
  • Immunomodulator
  • Oral Medical treatment


Phototherapy NB UVB Full Body: One of the best medical procedures in which your body’s skin covered by white patches or white spots disease is exposed to ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB) light from a special lamp in full body chambers.

Excimer (Targeted Phototherapy): In aimed phototherapy, also known as concentrated phototherapy, doctors transmit ultraviolet radiation directly focused on, or targeted at, the skin lesion or spots on the body and face using unique delivery systems to treat the Vitiligo condition.

Treatments & Surgical Procedures

Surgical Therapy: For vitiligo disease treatment, normal skin from the patient’s body is utilised as donor tissue, and grafts are surgically implanted by doctors on areas with white patches or white spots. In those places, the new skin grafts begin to produce pigmentation. This is regarded as the best course of treatment for people with minimal Vitiligo or white spots on their body, as well as those with more extensive disease.

Punch Grafting: The transfer of circular pieces or punches of skin tissue from the donor area into similar shaped pits made on the recipient affected area of body or face, covered with patches or spots and areas of de-pigmentation, is the least expensive and one of the best of all skin grafting treatments in Vitiligo or white spots disease. These punches range in size from 1 mm to 2 mm and are spaced 5-10 mm apart on the recipient’s skin.

De-Pigmentation: Involves fading the rest of your body’s or face’s skin to resemble the parts with white patches or white spots. Depigmentation is the greatest treatment option for vitiligo or white spots condition that affects more than 50% of a patient’s body.

The medicine monobenzone is administered twice a day to the pigmented areas of your skin, including the face, hands, and feet, until they match the areas without pigmentation. Some individuals who are resistant to depigmentation using the monobenzone will require the NDYAG Laser, which is utilised to eliminate the pigmented cells caused by vitiligo.

Color (Camouflage): Camouflage used to cure vitiligo or white spots disease
Tattooing (permanent colouring) – Tattooing involves injecting artificial pigment into regions with Vitiligo pigmentation or white patches/spots. Following the selection of a pigment shade that matches the surrounding skin colour of the body, the pigment granules are implanted into the pigmented patches using either a manual or electrically powered needle. After treatment the pigmentation patches resemble the surrounding normal skin.

Newer Modalities

Melanocyte cell Transplantation: To treat vitiligo, doctors remove a skin graft from the patient’s own thigh. This skin is then processed with an enzyme called trypsin, which separates all the layers of the skin, concentrating Melanocytes and Keratinocytes. The vitiligo or white patches/white spots disease-affected skin is then removed with diamond burs or lasers, and the cells are implanted in the affected sections of the body.

The main advantage of this treatment is that no cell culture is required, and skin harvesting from the donor location, cell separation preparation, and Melanocyte application may all be completed in a single 3-hour process.

Blister Grafting: In this therapy of Vitiligo or white spots disease, doctors use suction to form blisters on your pigmented skin, such as the body and face. The blisters are then removed and transferred to a non-pigmented skin area where a blister of comparable size has been generated and excised.

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