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Ear Piercing

What is Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is relatively common, with the lobes of your ears being the most pierced. People of various ages get their ears pierced for a variety of reasons.

For some, piercing is a matter of fashion and expression, while for others, it is a matter of tradition. People often have their ears pierced throughout adolescence, however the time may be impacted by culture. Babies ears are pierced in several cultures. Viva Aesthetic Clinic offer the best Ear Piercing in Mumbai.

What are the types of ear piercing?

Anti-Tragus Piercing: The anti-tragus piercing penetrates the small bit of ear cartilage right above your earlobe. A piercing expert would often use a straight or curved needle to pierce the anti-tragus through the ear cartilage.

Auricle Piercing: An auricle ear piercing is similar to an anti-tragus piercing, however it is positioned between your lobe and helix.

Ear Lobe Piercing: Earlobe piercings are maybe the most common kind of ear piercing. It is normally positioned in the middle of the earlobe and enables for the wearing of a variety of jewelry, most notably stud earrings.

What to expect during the ear piercing procedure?

  • 15-45 minutes before the piercing, the dermatologist apply local anesthetic cream.
  • Asymmetry exists in all ears, which means that one ear hangs lower than the other. The dermatologist will mark your ears to ensure they are put evenly from the face to the end of the ear lobe.
  • They get approval for location before piercing, and revisions to the marks are welcomed. To lessen discomfort and tension, both piercing and performing are done at the same time.


  • Keep your ears clean by keeping them away from dirty water or dirty surroundings.
  • Twist the studs back and forth once a day for 4-6 weeks using clean fingertips.
  • Do not remove your piercing studs for 6-8 weeks.
  • Consult your dermatologist if your skin becomes irritated or infected.

Don’ts after ear piercing

  • Do not pick or touch the piercing or jewelry. Germs are spread by dirty hands, and germs cause illness. Before touching your ears or earrings, carefully wash your hands. When changing clothing, putting on glasses, using the phone, or styling your hair, avoid touching your ears.
  • Maintain care over your sleeping habits. You may be unable to rest your head on the side of a fresh piercing.
  • On piercings, never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. These products have the potential to irritate the healing tissue.

Dos after ear piercing

  • Keep your phone, headphones, sunglasses, hat, bike helmet, and everything else that comes into touch with your piercing area.
  • Cosmetics, lotions, and hairspray should not be used around the piercing.
  • Direct sunlight, tanning beds, sand, tanning oils, and lotions should all be avoided. These might irritate and burn the piercing.
  • Reduce your stress and avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol, which all have a bad impact on healing.

What are the advantages of Getting a medical piercing?

There are several advantages to medical ear piercing, including.

  • Lower chance of adverse reaction and infection.
  • Medical ear piercings are also performed by experts who have obtained through training in human anatomy.
  • Ear piercing by a licensed expert may also aid in the treatment of certain disorders.

Is medical ear piercing painful?

During the procedure, you may feel some pain. When conducted by a doctor using the proper instruments, including the disposable cartridge, the piercing is usually safe and causes minimal discomfort.

Why choose viva for ear piercing?

We at Viva Aesthetic Clinic have the latest US FDA approved ear piercing technology It is completely sterile wherein the doctor does the ear piercing without even touching the studs.


  • No Chances of infection
  • Almost painless

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