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Q Switched Nd Yag Laser

What is Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Treatment?

Q Switched Nd Yag Laser one of the most advanced therapy used in Viva aesthetic clinic by Dr. Deepam Shah used primarily for conditions of Skin pigmentation and Tattoo removal. Viva Aesthetic Clinic offer the best Q Switched Laser Treatment.

Q-Switched Laser Treatment

How does Q Switched Laser work?

It employs a beam of light to break down pigments that are released into the skin and subsequently disposed of by your body. Tattoo removal Q-Switch nd yag Laser is a technique that delivers very short pulses(6ns) at very high peak power(hundreds of Mega W) Thus the unwanted pigments of the skin are fragmented in small particles which are expelled through phagocytosis.

The Q-Switch laser emits an invisible beam of light that particularly targets the brown pigment or melanin found in dark spots while having no effect on the surrounding skin.

What are the different conditions treated with Q Switched Nd Yag Laser ?

  1. Epidermal pigment: Body Tattoo, Eye line and brow Tattoo.
  2. Dermal pigment: Nevus of Ota, birthmark, Coffee Spot, Age Spot, Freckle.
  3. Vessel disease: varicosity removal, capillary hemangioma.
  4. Laser facial: oil control, skin rejuvenation, skin pore improvement.
  5. Hair Removal: Hair removal for lip-hair, underarm, bikini arm, arm etc.

Does Q switched Laser work with vascular diseases?

Yes the following vascular diseases have shown benefit with Q switched ND Yag laser 

  • Vascular vein removal The laser light pulses target red pigment (hemoglobin).
  • Can be used to remove spider and thread veins in the face(check, temporal region, nasal dorsum, forehead) and legs.
  • Some vascular birthmarks, (capillary vascular malformations) Varicose veins in the leg
  •  Facial veins(telangiectasia
  • Haemangiomas(vascular tumors) in the face and around the mouth

Is Q Switched Nd Yag Laser treatment a safe procedure?

Yes, absolutely! It has been proven to be safe for Indian skin.

Is It Painful?

Absolutely No. This is an entirely painless service.

Is This a long-term solution to pigmentation treatment?

Treatment of the underlying factors, followed by sun protection via proper sunscreen application, can help to prevent recurrence.

What is the time duration for Q Switched Nd Yag Laser treatment?

It is a quick 15-minute treatment with no downtime. You can resume your normal activities on the same day.

What Is the extent of the pigmentation result that we can expect after this treatment?

This is a GOLD STANDARD treatment for removing deeper pigmentation and tattoo removal. Once the present pigmentation problem has been addressed, further aggravation may be avoided by using appropriate skin lightening products and using sunscreen on a regular basis, as indicated by the dermatologist.

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