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Rosacea is a skin condition that causes diffuse facial redness. It is mostly noticed in those with fair complexion and is far more common in women. Viva Aesthetic Clinic offer the Best Rosacea Treatment in Mumbai.

  • The syndrome is characterized by:
    Redness on the cheeks, nose and forehead.
  • Telangiectasia.
  • Papules or Pustules.


Rosacea Treatment Dermatologist Dr Deepam Shah

Physical changes such as exercise, heat, sweating, sun exposure, stress, spicy food, alcohol, hot beverages, and changes in temperature can all cause Rosacea. In addition to redness or flushing, the eyes are commonly inflamed, resulting in redness, a burning sensation, and moisture. The symptoms come and go, with periods of flushing interspersed with periods of reasonably cool skin. The diagnosis is based on clinical signs, and rosacea, while not curable, can be controlled.


Antibiotics: Oral antibiotics can be used in the treatment for Rosacea.

IPL (intense pulsed light) and Laser: Many patients are turning to laser and light treatments to cure the persistent redness and visible blood vessels on their face, neck, and chest.
There may be some discomfort associated with laser treatment. While most people can tolerate the procedure, cold packs and topical anaesthetic cream can assist relieve pain. Dr. Deepam Shah recommends treatments at three- to six-week intervals; during this period, avoidance of the sun is required.

Glycolic Peels: Glycolic-acid peels may also help improve and control the rosacea. Every two to four weeks, professionals can perform chemical peels to patients for two to five minutes. Mild stinging, itching, or burning may occur after treatment.

Sun Protection: Sun exposure is a well-known trigger for many rosacea patients. Sun protection with a wide-brimmed hat and use of sunscreen containing zinc is often recommended. Because rosacea is more common in fair-skinned individuals, doctors advise using a daily SPF 50 sunscreen lotion and avoiding sun exposure altogether.

Topical Ointments: Topical tacrolimus is applied to decrease inflammation and topical Brimonidine is a newer molecule which decreases the vasodilation and decreases the redness.

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