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HIFU Facelift Treatment in Mumbai

What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?

Viva Aesthetic Clinic offers the best HIFU Facelift Treatment in Mumbai. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical, painless treatment that uses ultrasound to lift and tighten your skin. The procedure involves using your body’s regenerative responses to lift drooping skin on the eyebrows, under the chin, or on the neck, as well as to tighten wrinkles and ageing lines. The energy produced generates low levels of heat, which stimulates collagen production in skin cells and causes tissue rejuvenation in the targeted area. You can achieve pinpoint accuracy with HIFU while causing no collateral damage to the surrounding area.

HIFU Facelift Treatment in Mumbai

Uses of HIFU Treatment

Body contouring with HIFU: Body contouring is one of body shaping and slimming treatment techniques. This procedure is used when you lose a significant amount of weight through weight loss surgery or exercise and diet, resulting in sagging fat and skin that does not return to its original shape and size.

Body Fat Loss with HIFU: HIFU is a non-invasive technique that delivers focused ultrasound beams into the subcutaneous fat layer at controlled depths, effectively destroying fat cells while providing high safety and comfort.

HIFU Treatment for Double Chins: HIFU treatment targets the deep, structural layers of the skin, stimulating the body’s natural ability to produce collagen. It is the ideal way to get rid of a double chin.

Face Lifting with HIFU: The HIFU skin tightening treatment is a non-surgical face lift treatment that effectively lifts and tightens sagging or loose skin. It reconditions the skin from within by targeting the deep structural layers.

Forehead Tightening with HIFU: HIFU is applied to the target area to tighten the dermis, subcutaneous, and fascial layers.

HIFU Brow Correction: HIFU can be used to correct the position of your eyebrows. HIFU is used to treat subcutaneous tissue.

Is it Painful?

During the treatment, patients may experience a slight pricking sensation. As a precaution, doctors apply a numbing cream prior to the procedure to make it more comfortable.

How many sessions will be required?

Depending on the size of the face and the desired outcome, 1-2 sessions may be required. Three sessions will be required if the face is very bulky.

What is the time between sessions, and how long does it take for the results to appear?

It takes three months for the results to become visible. You will see a 30% improvement in the first month, another 10%-20% improvement in the second month, and a maximum of 70%-80% improvement in the third month, after which you can repeat the second HIFU session. As a result, HIFU session should be separated by at least three months.

How long will the Treatment Last?

It takes between an hour and 45 minutes. The result is permanent, but patients over the age of 55 may require maintenance once a year to combat the ageing process.

Advantages of HIFU Face Treatment

HIFU allows you to achieve younger-looking skin without the pain and inconvenience of surgery. The advantages of this procedure are as follows:

  • Reduced the appearance of under-eye bags, troughs, and dark circles.
  • Neck lifting
  • Skin around the cheeks is tighter and firmer.
  • Lifting of the brows
  • Skin texture and elasticity have improved.
  • Face Contoured
  • Jawline Enhancement
  • Reduction of the Double chin

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