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Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection

Fungi are microorganisms that cause fungal skin infections of the skin, hair, and nails ( Fungal Nail Infection). Dr. Deepam offer Fungal infection treatment in Colaba

Fungal infections are classified as dermatophytosis, candidiasis, pityrosporum. Fungal infection does not constitute a risk to our overall health as a disease, but if left untreated, it can cause significant harm or combine to form a broad fungal infection in several body locations.

Fungal infection treatment in Colaba

Tinea Capitis is a scalp infection that can cause modest skin exfoliation, single or several patches of hair loss, or highly inflammatory purulent lesions.

Tinea Barbae: Barber’s itch It might manifest as red plaques with exfoliation, follicular purulent lesions, or an unusual form. It generally affects the beard area.

Tinea Corporis is a type of ringworm that can be found on the trunk, upper and lower extremities, and is distinguished by the presence of red plaques with exfoliation that are usually spherical in shape.

Tinea Cruris, known as jock itch, is a dermatophyte fungal infection affecting the thigh-groin region and the buttocks. It appears as a well-defined red area that begins unilaterally and subsequently spreads bilaterally.

Tinea Manuum & Tinea Pedis: Tinea Manuum & Tinea Pedis are fungal infections of the hands and feet. It is classified as hyperkeratotic or dyshidrotic. The former is distinguished by the presence of numerous tiny hyperkeratotic blisters, which burst and result in the formation of erythematous scaly plaques. The latter is distinguished by the presence of numerous distributed blisters or bullae.

Treatment for Fungal Infection

Treatment with General Measures

Treatment with General Measures: Keep hands and feet clean and dry, avoid excessive washing, avoid sharing towels and other personal health items, and avoid wandering barefoot in public swimming pools, showers, and sand. Change your undergarments twice daily.

Topical Formulations: Topical formulations are ideal for treating mild and early forms of fungal infections, as well as for individuals who are unable to take orally administered medications.

Orally Administered Formulations: Very effective in certain types of fungal infections. Because the treatment lasts several months, blood tests must be performed on a regular basis to prevent adverse reactions caused by these medical preparations.

Treatment with the ND-Yag Laser: Especially for Onychomycosis: A simple, painless, and highly effective therapy for fungal nail infections. The laser light kills fungus naturally, without the adverse effects associated with medications.

This is one of the most common problems encountered in daily practice. Do not ignore it. Do not use OTC creams to treat it. Always seek and expert opinion for this simple problem.

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