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Growth Factor Concentrate for Hair

What is growth factor concentrate for hair

GFC stands for ‘Growth Factor Concentrate’ – a pure highly safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation, engineered from your own blood for superior results in hair loss.

Various growth factors are stored in your platelets (a type of cell found in the blood). Few renowned scientists have been able to extract these growth factors from your blood in a high concentration as Growth Factor Concentrate ( GFC ) In a specially designed kit.

GFC IS injected directly into the scalp and your own growth factors are delivered at high concentration right at the hair root.

growth factor concentrate for hair loss


  • Reduced hair fall.
  • Rejuvenation of hair follicle.
  • Improved hair thickness.
  • Strengthened hair shaft.
  • Increased hair volume.
  • Stimulation of hair growth.

How is GFC different from PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment started back in the 1970s as a thrombocytopenia medium; then finally, in the 2000s, it becomes popular in Cosmetology. PRP is the biological product or portion of autologous blood plasma with the above baseline platelet concentration. It has a variable outcome each time. The single spin or double spin techniques were used, where removing RBCs and WBCs was difficult. Even the healing effect was associated with post procedural pain and inflammation.

While using this therapy for hair loss treatment, many challenges were faced- It does not provide growth factors but platelets, no standardized protocols were involved, no determining quality and quantity clarity, conflicting results, and complexity of the procedure.

GFC treatments are also derived from the patient’s blood, and only high concentrations of growth factors are derived from platelet activation. Therefore, there is no platelet loss, and the overall procedure is effortless to perform. Additionally, unlike PRP, the GFC can be stored for 8 hours at room temperature and 4 degrees Celsius for seven days. Thus, the overall results are optimum, with minimal chances of pain, inflammation, and infection, and the whole procedure takes less time.

Who are the best candidates for Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?

GFC therapy is equally effective for males and females with the early or late signs of Alopecia. However, to ensure, it is essential to get your scalp diagnosed by specialized doctors. They will suggest the best possible treatment for your hair loss.

What are the post-treatment instructions to follow?

  • Avoid combing or touching your hair or scalp for a day.
  • Prevent sweating caused by exhausting physical work and heavy workouts for approximately four days after the procedure has been performed.
  • Do not shampoo hair for 1-2 days, and after that, only apply products suggested by the doctor.
  • Regular Application of topical medication or drug intake is required as per the doctor and advice.

Benefits of Growth factor concentrate for hair?

The GFC treatment for hair has the following benefits,

  • It helps with hair fall reduction and makes hair thicker and fuller in volume.
  • It is highly suitable for those who are in the initial stages of Alopecia.
  • It is suitable for both men and women. The blood is taken out through a syringe and the growth factor is further examined to prepare the GFC treatment for hair without any contamination.
  • The procedure doesn’t derive any added blood cells like the PRP treatment

It is also essential to note that the GFC treatment for hair takes around 3-4 sessions to start showing results. It is also clubbed with other topical or oral medications to reduce pain and swelling. Any side effects usually get resolved within a week of the treatment session.

Does GFC therapy has any side effects?

Since GFC is pure and does not contain any RBCs or WBCs (unwanted cells), the risk of pain and inflammation due to GFC itself is minimal. The reactions are generally injection–related and have a mild-to-moderate impact. These usually resolve in 7 days or less.

How many sessions of GFC are required?

  • Three sessions are done over a span of three months.
  • Results are seen in the form of reduced hair fall, increased hair thickness and hair count.
  • Usually, one session can be repeated after 4-6 months and thereafter the entire therapy can be repeated every year.

How We Can Help You

At The Viva Aesthetic Clinic, we ensure you feel your best during the GFC hair treatment and find adequate solutions to all your skin or hair-related issues.

Who is Dr. Deepam Shah?

Dr. Deepam Shah is the best Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon practicing in south Mumbai with over a decade of experience. After his MBBS, in his vision to change people’s lives he went ahead and completed MD and DNB in Dermatology & Venereology. He is also a fellowship holder (FAM) in AESTHETIC MEDICINE, HAIR TRANSPLANT, and is the founder of Viva Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr Deepam Shah dermatologist

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