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Botox Treatment in Mumbai

What is Botox ?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a pure protein obtained from a microorganism, similar to the majority of the medications we use today. Experience the best Botox treatments in Mumbai with Viva Aesthetic Clinic!

Botox injections are the most commonly used treatment by doctors around the world, with over 3 million treatments performed each year.

Botox injections produce a noticeable improvement, and it is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed around the world, with a high rate of satisfaction. It is really absolutely risk-free, and it enhances the skin in a way that looks natural and pleasing to the eye.


Injections are frequently requested in the following areas of the face:

  • wrinkles between the eyebrows, called frown lines, glabellar lines, or elevens
  • wrinkles around the eyes, known as crow’s feet
  • horizontal creases in the forehead
  • lines around the corner of mouth
  • “cobblestone” skin on the chin

What are Botulinum Toxin / Botox Injections and How do they Work?

Botox works by reducing the intensity of nerve signals, causing the facial muscles to stop contracting and, as a result, the wrinkles and lines on the skin overlying these muscles to disappear.

Do Botox injections cause any Discomfort?

Botox injection is completely safe and does not cause any discomfort and the doctor uses numbing cream before the injections, to ensure that the area is completely numb before you go to your doctor for the injection.

Recovery After Botox Treatment

Botox injections have a short recovery period. After that, small lumps will appear where the injections were administered, but everything should be fine.

It takes around seven days to observe major changes, but after two weeks, you will be able to recognise them in yourself.
Your skin will feel stronger, tighter, younger, and more vibrant. The results can last from 4 to 6 months. 

FAQs For Botox Treatment in Mumbai

Is Botox Treatment Safe?

Yes, the Botox Treatment is completely safe . At Viva Aesthetic Clinic, Mumbai, we use FDA Approved Technologies for Botox and treatment is provided under the guidance of thoroughly vetted Skin Care Specialists

Is Botox the best treatment for Wrinkles ?

Every treatment has its pros & cons including Botox treatment. The Right treatment choice depends on the extent of Wrinkles and multiple other factors. Our Botox Experts at Viva Aesthetic Clinic, Mumbai can help you choose the best procedure for Botox or any other related concern


Who is the best Botox specialist Near Me in Mumbai?

The Botox Specialists are generally Dermatologists with speciality or expertise in botox treatments. We at Viva Aesthetic Clinic, Mumbai make sure that you are treated by experts with best knowldege and skills in the required category. At Viva Aesthetic Clinic you can be sure of being treated by the best in their fields.


For more information & consultation on Botox Treatment in Mumbai, visit Viva Aesthetic Clinic at Opera House or contact us on 022 3573 1556 | 93245 89084 or simply fill in your name and number & one of our team member will get in touch with you soon. Our team of experts along with Dr. Deepam Shah, MD. DNB. FAM – Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, will help you out in understanding your problem and guide you through every stage of your treatment.

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